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You made yourself out to be this really weak willed person who can't manage their time to make room for both his life and his hobby. Video games aren't to blame for your missing out on "the best years of your life". You are the only one to blame because you didn't know how to control yourself. Throwing video games away isn't going to change the fact that you were weak enough to let yourself be consumed by your hobby. An addiction is an addiction. A person like you will just latch on to another vice and end up using your life up in another way that's going to make you hating yourself for years down the line, again, because the only thing you needed to figure out, was some god damn moderation. Self control. This video does nothing but demonstrate how you cast blame on make believe problems instead of dealing with the real issue, which is yourself.

I award you no stars, and i hope some day you heed these words.

I like the cartoon, the audio not so much. IT sounds like you recorded all the megaman sound effect and music with a microphone. If you're doing this on a desktop computer that's pretty recent, you can record straight from your soundcard by using stereo mix. It's usually disabled and hidden by default. just go to your control panel, click sound, and in there click the recording tab, right click and click show disabled devices to find out if you have the ability to do that. IT should help for future projects.

eh. it was alright.

would've been cool if you took inspiration from it to create your own, more varied version of the opening from the game. Remaking the same thing is cool but unless you somehow make it your own there's not all that much special about it.

Was hoping for more awesome

This was more akin to the misc. flashes you've been making, like mr. literal/swimming with the sharks. It doesn't really focus on anything that made the game "awesome". In your metal gear awesome flashes, you still focus on main points in the story, while exaggerating them and making it a blast to watch. I feel like this doesn't really accomplish the same thing. Still funny though, just don't think it deserves to be an awesome flash.

Keep up the great work man! You always make me smile.

Incredibly underwhelming.

I expected a lot more out of this from the title. There were so many places you could've gone with this. I guess it was a nice effort, but a little too dull for my tastes.

Love it!

Would like to see a sequel with more characters to choose from. I noticed you had shang tsung in there but only as a cameo in another skit. Also, MORE STRYKER SCOUT

Super Ten

That first voice sounded exactly like shu from dragon ball. Ten and five for that alone.


I'd love more.


i didn't even know this was out until i glanced at your profile. I watched it and my head swung back as i was shocked by what i was viewing. I could not look away. A single tear shed from my eye. That's when i knew i had witnessed the greatest thing I've ever seen.



hi. ....that's it.

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